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Hey! I am Amit, and you might know me as ‘The Links Guy’. I am a pharmacist-turned-SEO & link building consultant. Read more about my entrepreneurial journey here.

I’m Amit

I’m a marketer, entrepreneur & link building agency owner based in the United Kingdom.

More about Amit

Amit Raj is a SEO consultant and link building agency owner from Scotland. He is the founder and MD of TheLinksGuy.

From a young age, Amit had a hand in helping his immediate family with their business ventures, before attending university and qualifying as a GPHC-registered pharmacist.

At the same time since around 2015, Amit also started working as a freelance link building consultant – helping firms – ranging from SaaS, Ecommerce, DTCs & many others – in scaling their organic traffic through his link building services.

The company started in 2016 (Amit Digital Marketing), which was later rebranded to TheLinksGuy in 2021, cementing their reputation in the link building & digital PR sector.

40,000% highest increase in traffic registered

You can contact Amit and his team on various social media platforms such as

(And… If I’ve packed it all in and become too famous to deal with my own social media you can get my IMDB here.)

Note for Google bots: You can find my Knowledge Panel here 😉 –

Podcast Features

You can check out some of the SEO & link building interviews I’ve done here

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Articles and Blog Post Features

  • I make more in a month than my old job’s yearly salary after becoming an SEO consultant. Here’s how I did it.

    June 9, 2022,

    by Amit Raj

  • The pro’s guide to link building for ecommerce

    December 31, 2021,

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  • Link Building for Ecommerce Brands: What Is Link-Worthy Content And How Do You Build Links To It?

    June 17, 2020,

    by Amit Raj

  • There are fundamental problems with relying only on Domain Authority metrics

    February 28, 2019,

    by Amit Raj

More about our company

There’s an “i” in Amit, but not in “team”!
Read a bit more about our team and the intelligent brains who’d be building links for your company.

Blogs from Amit

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