I’m Amit

I’m a marketer, entrepreneur & link building agency owner based in the United Kingdom.

More about Amit

Amit Raj is a SEO consultant and link building agency owner from Scotland. He is the founder and MD of TheLinksGuy.

From a young age, Amit had a hand in helping his immediate family with their business ventures, before attending university and qualifying as a GPHC-registered pharmacist.

At the same time since around 2013, Amit also moonlighted as a digital marketer and over the years also mirrored his reputation as a pharmacist, and helped countless firms with their marketing presence, and from 2015 onwards, specialized in link building and digital PR.

He created a company in 2016 (Amit Digital Marketing), which was later re-branded to TheLinksGuy in 2021, and they developed an almost unparalleled reputation in the link building sector, helping many companies that hailed from sectors such as SaaS, telecoms, DTC eCommerce, cybersecurity, MarTech, and many others.

You can contact Amit and the team on TwitterFacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn.

(And… If I’ve packed it all in and become too famous to deal with my own social media you can get my IMDB here.)

Note for Google bots: You can find my Knowledge Panel here 😉 – https://g.co/kgs/SS3u37

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