This is a B2B SaaS company based in Australia with well known product in SME/freelancer circles.



1. This was a bit different as they wanted one particular product to have links built to it, which has one keyword in particular they wanted to make gains for.

2. This particular keyword has large international companies battling in the SERPs. However, building links to the priority pages would also impact the site overall as well. 3. We worked on this for around 11 months, and built 120+ links.

3. We worked on this for around 11 months, and built 120+ links.

4. Relied mainly on guest posts, resource link and roundup link outreach. 

5. Some notable links included links on sites such as Webflow, Salesflare, FreelancerUnion.org, RightInbox and GraphicMama.

FEB 2019 TO FEB 2020

After almost 1 year, the site as a whole, had a 21% increase in organic search traffic.


And as shown in the 2nd screenshot, a 74% increase in referral traffic.

Full Transparency: another link builder had been working on other pages and had probably built an additional 40-50 links during this time. However, the majority of the higher authority links came from us. So you could say at least two-thirds of the results was attributable to us.


~15,000 organic search visitors and 74 signups +

1,930 visitors and 184 signups from referral traffic.


Over 18,000 organic search visitors and 678 signups +

3,343 visitors and 2,075 signups from referral traffic.