Blogger outreach is a fantastic technique to improve website authority, organic traffic, and search engine rankings.

While this seems like a relatively simple process – reach out to bloggers with a guest post idea, write it as per the suggested requirements, and voila, you get a link!

But it’s a bit more involved than that. Blogger outreach is a meticulous process that involves careful selection of websites and link placements to ensure high-quality links.

When done incorrectly using a poor outreach strategy, you’ll mostly end up with links on spammy sites that do more harm than good.

That’s why blogger outreach services are missing in many digital marketing strategies. Not only do these agencies have highly trained professionals, but they also know their way around the challenges, and how to avoid low quality links.

If you want to boost your website’s credibility through efficiency and access to broader networks, we’ve curated a list of trusted Blogger Outreach Services.

10 Blogger Outreach Services You Can Explore For Organic Growth

When we talk about relationships and link building, blogger outreach is one strategy that not only brings in links that are highly relevant, but could also lead to more brand awareness, referral traffic and even business connections, depending on the context.

The process is straightforward, and any trustworthy agency will tackle every challenge to find niche-relevant bloggers and create a personalized outreach strategy to seal the deal.

The following agencies tick most of the boxes to provide top-notch blogger outreach services.

1. The Links Guy

Headquartered in Scotland, UK since 2016, The Links Guy is a boutique link building agency offering a wide range of services, including guest posts, HARO & PR outreach, relationship link building, resource page outreach, broken link building, and more.

With a focus on creating campaigns that actually leave a significant positive impact on your search engine visibility, our work has been featured on top platforms such as GoDaddy, BusinessInsider, Foundr, Prowly, and more.

How Does It Work?

  • Our top priority is the unwavering quality of our link placements and sensible variation of anchor texts, which helps search engines identify your website as credible and reliable.
  • Having worked with clients ranging from Silicon Valley startups and the INC 500 to medium sized, and tech-minded businesses – we’re a trusted agency with a long-term approach and wide spectrum of experience.
  • We have no hidden costs and practice ultimate transparency with a live project tracker that shows you live updates as the work is being done. Our reporting system keeps you in the loop of every win that comes your website’s way.
  • We have a dedicated team for content, and any content writing that’s required for blogger outreach, is done in-house, without AI – ensuring that we deliver quality content that is “written for humans”.
  • Our outreach process, whether for small bloggers, or larger business blogs is intricate and requires a manual approach. The same applies to our prospecting techniques, so we find worthwhile, niche-relevant blogs with which you can build relationships.
  • Whether finding links, finding contact emails, implementing an outreach strategy, or a guest post strategy, we use the knowledge gained from our professional and in-house custom tools to take a data-driven approach and maximize the results.
  • We have three packages to choose from. The basic plan starts at $4,000 for ten monthly links, including all the above mentioned features. With 20 monthly links, the Professional plan costs $7,500. We have also baked in reactive PR, Media Outreach and a basic link intelligence report.
  • Our custom plan includes a personalized approach with reports, links spread across multiple projects, and an extensive link intelligence report.

Those looking for customized link building strategies with proven guest posting success, look no further than the spectacular team at TLG. Get in touch!

Now it’s only fair we mention other services as well (let’s not forget that we’re also trying to serve the search intent of this article for Google!)

2. OutreachFrog

OutreachFrog also offers link building through guest posts. With a team of US-based professionals that go back to 1996, they create relevant content for niche publications to improve your website’s authority.

Plus, busy business owners have more crucial factors to worry about than SEO – and they also offer managed SEO packages

How Does It Work?

  • They build links via guest posts with strict metric guarantees – which are a minimum of DA 30, or DA 50 – or there’s an option to get on sites with higher traffic metrics, via their Powerlinks® packages.
  • Managed SEO portal that monitors and optimizes ongoing campaigns to ensure consistent results every month.
  • A dedicated team of writers to produce content to be published on those blogs.
  • Comprehensive and dynamic client packages. The price ranges from $1,900 to $18,000, with the Gold plan being the cheapest for seven high-quality posts per month and the Pro package being the most expensive for up to 75 monthly posts. You’ll be paying roughly $240-$300 per link for the basic level.

Our verdict: There are mixed reviews on Trustpilot and Reddit to note of. Some claim the sites they got were sites that are commonly found on paid link databases, but at an inflated rate. One user on Reddit also claimed they were not provided with their monthly link report, until after it was renewed.

3. Click Intelligence

Click Intelligence is a large, search marketing agency that offers a range of services. One of those being link building and blogger outreach.

Click Intelligence takes pride in the success of its strategies and has a proven track record of highly impressive client case studies.

How Does It Work?

  • A wide range of services include SEO, link building, content, PPC advertising, content marketing, paid search, and Local SEO.
  • Link building strategy is a complex process involving industry, competitor, and keyword research. They also audit and analyze client’s current link profiles to plan a personalized marketing campaign.
  • They measure all the results to develop long-term, sustainable SEO benefits and have a transparent reporting system to analyze campaigns and share insights with their clients.
  • The blogger outreach link building price ranges from $76 to $384 per link. This is dependent on the size of the package obtained, the metric benchmark required, and if it’s pre-approved or with “no approval”.

4. Page One Power

Based in Boise, Idaho, Page One Rower is a manual link-building agency specializing in custom strategies to improve search engine rankings and traffic. They’ve worked with businesses ranging from small shops to big-time brands.

Their numbers leave a stark impression with 1000+ clients served, 15,000+ links earned annually, 6100+ online assets created, 13+ years of hands-on experience, and 40+ Clutch & Google reviews.

How Does It Work?

  • They build quality links using custom campaigns, identify unlinked mentions and broken links, guest posts, resource link builds, editorial update outreach and management services, and more.
  • Through technical SEO and backlink audit services, conduct a health checkup on your website and identify potential opportunities or risks in your backlink profile. Bi-weekly, the client and project manager will call to discuss the progress and results and tailor the campaigns as required.
  • Their pricing sheet indicates a minimum of $600 per link, and there does not appear to be any staggered pricing or discounts.

5. Outreach Labs

With relationship building as their primary focus to build links, Outreach Labs build industry-specific, and personal blogs, allowing them to deliver backlink campaigns consistently.

With a professional team comprising expert link builders, developers, and project managers, their services include ghostwritten content, blogger outreach, guest posting, digital PR, and white label link building services.

How Does It Work?

  • They focus on response potential generation by building extensive prospecting lists while maintaining high-quality outreach standards, allowing them to offer the capacity they promise.
  • Every campaign consists of thousands of personalized emails using a combination of tools, AI, and manual editing;.
  • They have a strong network of reputable editors and sites that only accept good quality content, and they build solid relationships to ensure a genuine exchange of significant value.
  • They have four packages: ranging from seven links for $1,500, 14 links for $3,000, 23 links for $5,000, and 32 links for $7,000 per month, but each package also has an additional fee for the first month setup, ranging from $249 to $1166.

6. LinkBuilder

Owned by the same company as the Hoth, LinkBuilder is a link building service also headquartered in Scotland, that launched in 2016 and has significantly grown in recognition and reputation over the years, with a team of 43 remote workers.

They have worked with over 300+ companies and are considered one of the larger agencies in this space.

How Does It Work?

  • Their process starts by conducting a website audit, competitor analysis, and target page and anchor text analysis to build a roadmap for strategy development by identifying linkable assets and content. They use a hybrid approach to link building and use tactics ranging from guest posting, to resource links, broken link building and HARO link building.
  • Careful selection of target websites using metric criteria, mainly centered around a website’s domain authority/domain rating, and monthly Google visits.
  • They believe in developing relationships to maintain a network of trustworthy partners and editors
  • They have four packages, starting at $2,999 per month for eight links with the Startup package and maxing out at $19,999 for 58 links with the Enterprise Package. Depending on your chosen package, expect to pay around $340- $380 per link.

Our verdict: Now that they are owned by NextNetMedia, it remains to be seen how this impacts long term link quality. They are already one of the largest link building agencies, and despite being a fairy large team, they have a lot of clients to handle, and will likely be expected to grow that further.

7. FatJoe

FatJoe focuses on holistic SEO and digital marketing practices to ensure that their client’s websites experience transformative growth through link building and blogger outreach. Founded in 2012, they outsource services for 5,000+ agencies and are used by over 10,000 professionals worldwide.

Their services include brand mentions on media websites, HARO link building, press releases, natural link placements, multilingual link placements with local bloggers, and more.

How Does It Work?

  • The outreach stage involves gathering anchor texts and target URLs, identifying content suggested by the clients, reaching out to relevant bloggers, and evaluating each placement for a suitable opportunity.
  • Once the target website approves the content idea, the copywriting team focuses on crafting well-researched articles with natural and contextual links that match the flow of the content.
  • They have a strict no-duplication policy, so they keep a record of acquired links and order histories to ensure no more than one placement on a domain.
  • If you order ten links a month, they offer a money-back guarantee, making your first order 100% risk-free if you’re unsatisfied with the results.
  • Their prices are set based on each link and the target website DA. The range starts at $78 per link for DA 10+, $104 per link for DA 20+, $130 for DA 30+, $234 for DA 40+ and $364 for DA 50+.

Our verdict: FatJoe is certainly one of the “top 3” agencies in the industry in terms of size and they are an affordable option for a lot of SEOs. Has this compromised the quality of the links? It probably has, and they likely are selling links from a pool of existing relationships they have with blogs, rather than it being custom, manual outreach.

8. WeOutreach

WeOutreach is dedicated to acquiring high-quality backlinks through rigorous relationship-building and metric checking.

With a team of over 14 expert link builders, WeOutreach has acquired 8,000 outstanding backlinks for 100+ clients.

How Does It Work?

  • They aim to strike a careful balance between link quantity and quality, understanding that low-quality standards mean risky business while extremely high standards restrict link-building options.
  • They primarily use a metric-based system, using benchmarks relating to DR, traffic, outbound linking patterns, percentage of traffic from English-speaking countries, and signs of large traffic fluctuations.
  • While they disclose their pricing once a client contacts them, on average, their clients spend roughly $4,000 monthly on their outreach services, and their lowest packages start at around $2,000 monthly.

9. Loganix

Another large player in the sector, that has been in business since before 2014, Loganix has built over 35,000 links, with blogger outreach services being one key part of its arsenal as well.

They have impressive testimonials from leading industry experts such as From The Future, Backlinko,, and many more.

How Does It Work?

  • They offer a dynamic range of services, including overall SEO, local SEO, Content strategy, creation and deployment, PPC setup, campaign management and optimization, and high-quality link building.
  • Their US and Canada-based writers ensure the content is well-written, fully optimized, and relevant to your niche to improve your search engine presence.
  • They offer content creation services, allowing clients to choose a length between 500 and 3000 words based on their needs and a reliable 7-day turnaround time.
  • Their link building and guest posting strategy involves choosing sites that meet strict quality criteria based on metrics, content, and history and placing the links only after the client’s approval.
  • Their link building services start from $400 monthly for authority links and from $200 for guest posting services. This is the starting price, so they have a tiered structure to their pricing and some links are sold for $600 or higher. They’ve not specified the pricing for managed link building packages, but you can contact them for further details.

Our verdict: Loganix are a premium provider but they do outsource a proportion of their work to other agencies or freelancers, and mark the service up. So just bear in mind that you are not necessarily buying “from the source” in all cases. 

10. Stan Ventures

Stan Ventures is an affordable yet high-quality SEO agency. Their robust team combines US-based content writers and SEO experts from India.

They combine creativity with technical know-how and content development skills to offer white-label link-building strategies that transform their clients’ websites.

  • They provide fully managed SEO, blogger outreach services, link building services, SEO reselling, and blog writing across multiple industries and niches.
  • They guarantee a turnaround time of approximately 3-4 weeks and a 100% money-back guarantee if the links do not meet quality standards or client expectations.
  • They also keep their clients informed throughout the process, giving them access to a dashboard, so they can track progress.
  • Based on the website DA, they have a per-link price system for blogger outreach. The price for one link for DA 10+ is $49, DA 20+ is $69, DA 30+ is $109, DA 40+ is $206, and DA 50+ is $248.

How To Choose The Best Blogger Outreach Agency?

While you can do blogger outreach yourself, many find it valuable to use a specialized service. Most agencies are well-versed in the technical aspects, such as site analysis, on-page optimization, keyword research, content analysis, etc.

However, many of them face a setback regarding vetting site quality, and doing truly manual outreach –  and that’s what matters if you want to be acquiring links via blogger outreach that are going to have a positive effect. With that in mind, here are some factors worth considering when choosing blogger outreach services.

Exclusive & Relevance Backlinks

Quality is one of the most important factors when choosing a blogger outreach service, so beware of the agencies that guarantee quick results, because that’s simply not possible.

The outreach agency must focus on hand-picking publishers based on relevancy so there’s a contextual relationship between your content and their audience.

This might not be possible if they’re simply rinsing a database of sites, because it means they are forcing relevance, or just getting you the best links they have available. 

So you need a service that will take a manual outreach approach, and create custom link building strategies – because that means they can scour the entire internet for the sites that are going to be the most beneficial for your site – rather than recycling the same list for every client and buying links en masse.

Link Quality Standards & Vetting

Regardless of the tactics they use to get links, it’s important to understand their philosophy on link quality. 

Quality means different things to different agencies. But, you need to understand if they are purely setting hard rules on metrics like Domain Authority, Domain Rating and Traffic, or if they are using any other intangible, human metrics when prospecting blogs.

For instance, if they guaranteed a DA 50+, with 1000+ traffic for all websites this may look good on paper. 

But, there are many pitfalls associated with being dogmatic about link building metrics. So they need to have a good explanation for how they measure relevance, and traffic quality. If not, this could have a detrimental effect on your rankings and traffic in the future.

Clear and Transparent Processes

A good agency will always be open to answering any questions you have while also being completely transparent about how they work. While most service providers have some system to keep you in the loop, some have limited support, and you want to avoid these.

The lack of transparency indicates that the agency is not putting an effort themselves but instead, is either farming out the workload to other firms to make a fast buck, or is simply just buying spammy links from a network of bloggers.

Here are some questions your agency should address with complete disclosure. If they fail to give you tangible, honest responses, you can be sure something’s wrong.

  1. Total number of backlinks they can acquire and turnaround time.
  2. Details about prospective websites such as metrics, traffic, context, etc and ideally can share the lists they’ll be reaching out to.
  3. Have professional writers who can produce good quality content, with a very high standard of English.
  4. Which strategies do they use when doing blogger outreach?
  5. Live updates about campaigns with records of the data they collect and giving you access to it as well.

Proven Track Record of Positive Results

Case studies, testimonials, and reviews go a long way when choosing the right agency because past experiences speak more about their credibility and straightforward claims.

You get to see how they achieved results, where they performed exceptionally well, and how they handled challenges along the way. These success stories must also highlight the type of content and niches they’ve worked on, along with the link placements and overall strategy.

You should also conduct a background check on the agency. This can be as simple as online searching to check for negative reviews or contacting some of their previous clients.

Meet Your Budget Needs

As far as pricing is concerned, you get what you pay for. Packages may range from a hundred bucks, to several thousands for large packages, but beware of agencies with below-average pricing; while this may seem like a budget-friendly option, those links may not have much impact on your results.

Something else to consider is that the price range varies and can change based on multiple factors, such as the reputation and size of the agency, the number of bloggers outreached, website metrics, content difficulty, the level of customization, the complexity of the campaign, etc.

That’s why it’s essential that you carefully evaluate the pros and cons of your preferred agencies and make a decision based on what helps you achieve your results while keeping your SEO results as cost-efficient as possible.

Provision To Measure Success

Every business owner knows the importance of keeping track of and measuring the success of any campaign, and the same applies to your link building methods.

The blogger outreach service you choose must provide data and insights that gets more clarity about the return on investment you’re getting, based on the traffic, ranking or revenue increases.

The aim for any reputable service is to have an effective measuring and reporting system for each outreach campaign – so they can understand what campaigns are yielding the most, or best links. On top of that, measuring the reach, engagement, traffic, conversions, and overall brand impressions that those links are resulting in.

At TLG, our outreach campaigns provide real-time data with actionable insights to guide the next steps. 

And, as the months develop, we will continually monitor progress, and course correct the strategy depending on how results are. Be it pointing links at different pages, getting links from specific sectors, using a diverse range of tactics, or further enhancing the quality/authority of backlinks being acquired.

If choosing a reputable agency has been a hassle, contact us for a streamlined experience.


As a rule of thumb, before hiring anyone for your business, including blogger outreach services – research and compare agencies to determine which best suits your needs.

When done correctly, blogger outreach is one aspect of link building that can boost your website’s rankings, generate traffic and build credibility and prominent relationships in your industry.Whether finding broken links or crafting stellar blogger outreach campaigns, TLG has it all covered under one roof. Let us use our years of expertise to get you the high-quality backlinks your business deserves.