You Could Be Our Next Hire

Curious people excited to learn even more, be a team player and do what’s best (even when it’s hard)  – thrive here at TLG. We encourage anyone with some experience in SEO, link building or digital PR to apply. We also consider people who have worked in marketing and sales. We have roles ranging from SEO Link Prospecting (i.e. lead generations job for link building), SEO Outreach Specialist (i.e. link building outreach), and even HARO Link Building (PR Outreach Specialist).

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Why Join The Links Guy?

We are a specialist link building agency, with a team size (currently) of 30+ people spread out across several countries.

We are a very diverse team in terms of personalities and work background  – and while our company isn’t present physically, in every single country we’re in, that doesn’t stop us from thinking more long term, when it comes to hiring and retaining our team members.

After all, the success of our company depends on our team. We want to help our employees grow and thrive, with ongoing learning opportunities – and we want to reward and give incentives as much as possible.

We’re committed to building a diverse workplace with equal opportunities for our team. We don’t discriminate based on race, ancestry, religion, gender identity, disability, sexual orientation, age, parental status, political association, military history, etc.



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Full Time

We're here for the long haul! While we take people on as "freelance contractors" you will get full-time hours


When it comes to link building and digital PR, we offer world-class training! We also are continually learning and trying to take things to the next level each and every day.


We also offer performance-based incentives which usually run on at least a quarterly basis. If a team member secures exceptional results for their projects, we want to reward that.

Are You Interested ?

If you think you have the right skills, attitude and experience, please apply to one of these link building jobs below - we would be happy to have you on-board!

SEO Outreach Specialist

This position is for an Outreach specialist. This is the person involved in writing creative, personalised emails to the targets we are trying to get links from. If you are a very strong writer or brilliant at communication, this is the position for you.

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Content Writer

We are looking for seasoned seasoned content writers. You will be working as a guest post content writer, and will use research, writing, and editing skills to produce expert-level articles on assigned topics. You’ll help our clients achieve their growth goals by creating content that connects with their target audiences and brings eyes to their sites.

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HARO Link Building (and PR Outreach)

Part time and full time available. We are looking for very seasoned writers who can easily research and digest information on a range of subjects. You will be reaching out to journalists at big media on behalf of our clients, and sending them ghost-written soundbites with the hopes of it being featured in their upcoming articles.

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SEO Link Prospector

This job post is for a link prospector - this involves doing detailed research using search engines, collecting data, maintaining target lists and supporting your outreacher colleagues. If you are very technically minded, love to do web research and very meticulous, this one will suit you down to a tee.

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