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  • This client made most of their revenue from advertising and Amazon affiliate costs.The website had suffered large traffic loss in 2019 and we were engaged to come in and construct a quality link building campaign to get traffic back up again. (Under NDA), USA WHAT WE DID 1. The priority was to gain large volumes of...

  • This was a firm based in the Middle East dealing with HNW and UHW clients with a very specific investment product.Very niche and high end service operating only in the MENA region – so we had to be very specific with who we reached out to and it required a very professional approach to outreach.Silly...

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    A company based in the US that offers eCommerce delivery services. (I.e. handling deliveries across the country for retailers and ecommerce businesses.A very tech-focused firm that understood link building and had already been producing a lot of content, and had a firm doing link building for a while.However, they had some competitors (one in particular)...

  • This is a Silicon Valley startup that had been established for a few years, and had gained a decent amount of investment and PR. They had traffic coming in from a variety of sources like Facebook Ads, Adwords etc.They had previously hired a content marketer,they had some success there, and this was already bringing in...

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    Online Gaming

    This client owned a website that hosted a collection of well-known games, stuff everyone can play. All free, although users could also sign up to a premium subscription as well. Commercial goals were pretty simple – get as much traffic as possible, rank for the biggest keywords associated with these games, and generate revenue based on...

  • This is a B2B SaaS company based in Australia with well known product in SME/freelancer circles. (UNDER NDA), AUSTRALIA WHAT WE DID 1. This was a bit different as they wanted one particular product to have links built to it, which has one keyword in particular they wanted to make gains for. 2. This particular keyword has...

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