This is a Silicon Valley startup that had been established for a few years, and had gained a decent amount of investment and PR. They had traffic coming in from a variety of sources like Facebook Ads, Adwords etc.

They had previously hired a content marketer,they had some success there, and this was already bringing in some organic traffic. However, there was still more work to do on SEO, and especially on link building.

Most of the links they had were gained naturally, or were as a result of PR initiatives, where the primary focus was not on link building anyway.

(Under NDA), San Francisco, USA


They had a lot of content and linkable assets to work with. Because of the way their business was structured, they had content aimed at 2 primary audiences - parents and childcare business owners.

The idea was to focus mostly on the 2nd one, as this would be most likely to bring in more valuable traffic and revenue.

In either case, though, we aimed to focus on where we could make “quick wins” in terms of rankings and organic traffic.

Link strategy was focused on resource links, resource page outreach, as well as guest post outreach to child education organizations and initiatives. As well as non-competing businesses aimed at parents.

JUNE 2020 TO MARCH 2021

We can see a steady upward trend in organic sessions/pageviews.


From 20,000 visitors per month, to almost 32,000 in the month of March 2021


And in terms of organic leads/signups – they got around 430 in the month of May 2020 (before we started)


To 881 signups in the month of June 2021. (Over 100% increase in signups)