Initial Analysis

We analyse your current SEO strategy, if you’ve been building links already and if you have quality content already on the site we can leverage. We’ll also look at where we can maximize traffic & ranking gains, by pointing links in the right places, and using the right anchor text. First we want to see where we can make gains in a shorter space of time (i.e. “Low hanging fruit”), as well as the keyword rankings which will be more medium to long term plays.

Here’s where we stand apart from other agencies, and where even the other so-called expert link building services fail. We have a highly-trained expert “strategy arm” of our team looking at what we deem to be the best link building strategies, for your company and its current situation. Competitor analysis may form part of this, but we won’t stop there.

We look at the wider landscape of your industry, non-direct competitors, comparable companies in other countries, potential crossover audiences, to name a few areas. We will also see what strategies we can incorporate, to help you also get some high domain authority links. All of the work we do here, helps us build an entire link building strategy game plan, which can often complement your wider digital marketing strategy. This will then fuel the next part of the process which is the link prospecting stage.

If you want the best links, you need to start by collecting the right opportunities, and reaching out to the right decision makers. So at the prospecting stage, we will not only trawl through our existing data to find website opportunities or existing relationships which align with your link building campaign – but we’ll also mine backlink profiles, scrape fresh data using Google search results, and collect emails with our specially made in-house tools and scripts – to give us super targeted prospect lists.

Last but not least – outreach. This is going to be key to acquiring links at scale. We also control this at the strategy level, and our research and analysis will determine what kind of approach we may need to take at the outreach level, in order to maximize results – and essentially, get you relevant links, on relevant websites, predictably, each and every month. We’ll also be very strategic about anchor text placement, being mindful of any guest post content we’re handling, Our team of in-house writers will also work hand-in-hand with the Outreach team to ensure we put our best foot forward, and create amazing guest post pieces, that stand the best chance of being published.


As long as the other parts of the puzzle fall into the place and your wider SEO strategy allows it – our link building packages will turn into results. We will constantly monitor results – be it traffic or ranking increases, and keep you posted on significant developments on an ad-hoc basis. We also give you access to a link building tracker, so you can see our link building service actually happen in real-time.

Re-analysis & Process Improvement

We don’t stop there. Just because we’re building links and hitting KPIs, and helping you gain more traffic and revenue – this isn’t enough for us. We continually want to push the boundaries of what’s possible with link building. The beauty of our agency providing you with custom link building services, is we can iterate and tweak the process. If we notice a particularly sector is responsive in outreach and we can get highly relevant, quality links – this will show in the data, and we’ll go back and try to get more links. While if we had a sector we really wanted links from but it yielded few links – our team will analyze why we didn’t get more, and we’ll do whatever we can humanly do, to get more of such links.

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