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A link building agency will play a pivotal role in your overall search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, by securing high quality backlinks on other websites. As long as they are relevant links and/or from high authority websites, they will pass link equity to your site – which will enable search engines like Google, to perceive your site as a highly credible, and authoritative source, worthy of ranking higher on those search engines for your target keywords.

A reputable link building service like The Links Guy, is the type of company you want to engage with. We can create custom link building campaigns, and custom link building packages based on your needs. Whether you only need 10 links a month, or you want to eventually want to scale up to 50+ per month, we will work in collaboration with you to make it happen. And above all else, our team of link builders are constantly analying every part of the process, to maximize the chances of our link building efforts having a positive effect on your SEO strategy, and organic traffic.

The amount you’ll end up paying, will vary depending on the link building service you select and will be proportionate to the number of links you need per month (i.e. competition level of your industry). But in the market today, the average cost of a link when outsourcing to agencies will be at least in the range of $100 to $1,500. Freelancers, mass guest blogging services, or the cheaper agencies, may be on the lower end of this range, but will be much riskier to work with. You won’t really know what you’re going to get, and reliability may become an issue. The bigger agencies, or our rival link building services (who appear on Google alongside us), may sit on the moderate to higher end of that scale. In fact, most agencies charge in the region of $350 – $500 per link, or even $1000+. However, even the companies listed on those best link building services roundups, aren’t necessarily always the best quality. You may be paying a premium, but with a low quality output. They may even be simply outsourcing it to a white label link building service. So just make sure to do your due diligence, and ask the right questions before picking a link building company.

Link building shows no sign of going away. Despite the murmurs of “link building is dead” you may see in SEO social media groups, or the big SEO publications, it is well and truly alive. Links are an integral part of the internet, and aside from content and keywords, it is the only sizeable metric search engines can grasp, to determine the quality and relevance of a website. Yes, old manipulative techniques probably will be phased out (which is a good thing), which is why doing things the white hat way, is the way forward.

You still need to build links to improve your rankings and organic traffic for the long term. Yes, you may rank some keywords purely with content, but links are always going to be needed once you reach a certain ceiling, and to rank some of the most competitive search terms. Be it the links with higher domain authority or links on the most relevant sites – they are a necessity, if you want to fill in the last piece of the puzzle in your SEO strategy,

On top of that, as long as people still use the internet, and want to share, collect, and cultivate useful content – link building will always work, and have a place in SEO, and the wider landscape of digital marketing. As the grandfather of link building, Eric Ward said:

“the process of one person sharing with another person an incredibly useful piece of content that will resonate with that person and result in a link – will never go out of style and will never be obsolete.”

We use a wide range of link strategies, ranging from (but not limited to)

1. Broken link building

2. Guest posting

3. Resource Page outreach

4. HARO outreach

5. Unlinked Brand mentions

6. Skyscraper technique (with modifications)

7. PR link building And many more…

The ultimate goal though for every client, is to run a successful link building campaign, which has a positive impact. So the exact link building strategies we use, will be custom to your business.

The concept of white hat link building, is about building links in a more natural looking way. In essence, if if your inbound links look more organic, it lends itself well to being perceived by the search engine as following the rules. Our link building sits within the realm of white hat links. We can get links by striking up conversations, and building rapport with the right people. These may be editors, content managers, bloggers, or even librarians and secretaries, depending on the type of site.

This is the opposite of black hat link building, which is more about manipulating the SERPs into giving you better rankings, and “tricking” the search engine into giving you traffic.

What separates you from competitors?

We are a boutique agency and can offer a more personalised, innovative, and therefore less prone to giving the “cookie-cutter approach”, that some of the largest players in the industry may practice. Our team of experts are all in-house, and hold meetings every working day, so we can strategize and come up with the best link building strategies, and have link building campaigns which pack a punch.

We also deliberately do not offer white label link building. While it would improve revenue, as a company we believe it will move our agency towards a super high-volume, churn & burn model, and inevitably will just degrade the overall quality of the service.

We’re not just interested in building high quality back links which simply “move the needle” for our clients – we want to be the best link building agency in the world, and by doing so, make your company, the best in your industry as well.

You can see every target site we’re extracting from our data in real-time, as we prospect them. Exactly which site we land a link on, we won’t always know ahead of time. Remember, we are building a lot of these links through manual outreach link building, and there are relationships to build, and editorial processes to consider.

However, we will be completely transparent and give you access to all of the prospected data, email inboxes and strategy ideas that you need.

Can I See Some Examples?

We don’t share specific examples on our site, as we also don’t believe in publicly sharing a clients entire portfolio of link building in the open, unless they specifically ask for it. However, there are some projects where we have permission to share examples. If you want to see the quality of links we can build though, just run a backlink analysis on, with your favorite SEO tool!

We can’t guarantee the exact anchor text we can use in every single situation, because these links are again, built via relationships and when we’re doing blogger outreach, or reaching out to businesses, they may have their own editorial process, or preferneces when it comes to anchor texts. But – we will create an anchor text strategy based on where we would want to steer your SEO strategy.

Those links are going to be permanent. We definitely do not “rent” links, or get links removed at any point. The only caveat to remember, which comes with the territory of quality link building, is that there is going to be a natural attrition rate with links. This usually happens over a long period of time, but you may lose about 1% of your links, over a period of about 1.5 to 2 years. This happens primarily because sites will remove blocks of content (often because of their own SEO strategy changing over time), sites going offline completely or business folding and closing their website.

But if anything gets removed during the time you engage with us, we’ll build more than enough links to make up for it.

This is going to depend on the requirements of your site, and the competition level of your industry. A smaller, local business, won’t really need a very scaled up link building strategy. So building 10 links a month would be more than enough. However, if you’re competing at a national US level, or trying to go global and are up against fairly sizeable competition, and keywords with a moderate to high keyword difficulty – you’re going to need more links. We have built 20, 30, even 50+ links per month. But we’re most often building links in the region of 10 to 20 links a month.

Our link building packages do come with a guarantee, and this is the minimum number of links you’ll get for that price. If we fail to hit the target, we’ll make up for it the following month and continue to work until you get that guarantee.

How long does it take to see results?

This ties in with the competition level of the keywords we’re targeting with, how well your wider SEO strategy has been executed (i.e. technical & on-page SEO), but also the time it takes for link equity from our SEO link building, to take effect. On average, studies show it takes 10 weeks (2.5 months) for a link to take full effect. It may be shorter or quicker than this. But if we are talking about results in terms of significant movements in rankings and search engine traffic, then it may take up to 4-6 months to see, for most clients.

Remember, link building and SEO strategy is a long term process, and you need to trust in the process, and need time for the results of those link building strategies to take full effect, and to make a significant impact on organic traffic.

We generally only do link building on English-speaking websites. However, we may be able to get links internationally, as long as they meet our quality standards, are contextually relevant, and are beneficial to the client we’re executing that link building campaign for. For instance, let’s say you’re a company based in the UK trying to expand your organic reachwe would advise also getting links in the US or other regions, that are relevant to your niche because, Google will value those links and they will have a positive effect. UK links would be relevant from a geographical relevance as well, but if we only focused on that one region (especially in a very specific niche) we may not have a large enough pool of targets to reach out to.

There are so many factors that determine the value of a link, however, we can distil it down to a very simple philosophy. A good backlink, is one which has a logical, contextual relevant and is on a site with quality content, and real traffic. This is the bare minimum any good link building company should be aiming for, but unfortunately, there are a lot of agencies and freelancers selling link building packages which contains sites which have little (or even zero) traffic and are low quality link farms only there for the purpose of selling links.

We do not use any manipulative techniques, or black hat methods like PBNs, comment spam, web 2.0s etc.

What industries do you work in?

We have worked with industries ranging from SaaS, finance, B2C ecommerce, gaming, food, real estate, education, fitness and many more.

We love a challenge and can work with most industries, but please reach out to discuss your project and we can see how we can help.

Our team of link builders are working round the clock, and we will be doing work almost every working day for the duration of your time with us. But to prove this, we’ll give you access to a Project tracker, where you can see everything we’re doing in real-time. This will report everything including:

Live Backlinks (Along with Domain Authority, Anchor Text, Landing Page)

Current Status of Agreed/Pending Conversations

Outreach Target Lists & Email Contacts

We also provide more ad-hoc reports as the months go by, showing any significant movements in traffic & rankings, as well as what our next steps are, what link building strategies are working, or not working, as well as any notable aspects of our competitors backlink analysis, or content strategy. Clients have also often commended our team of link builders for their ability to dig deeper, and understand if organic traffic (for whatever reason), is not increasing. We don’t just dispel generic advice, or auto-generate reports – we actually investigate and audit in-depth, and identify the root cause. Even if it means you need to stop link building and temporarily focus in another area, we won’t hesitate to bring it up.

How to You Monitor Results?

We monitor results on 2 fronts:

(1) Traffic and rankings – We want to make sure our link building is actually going to give you a return. To do this, we will generate a report to understand where we should be trying to point those links, in order to give you the quickest (and largest) return, in terms of traffic and revenue. We do this in collaboration with you, since you will have an idea of your margins, and which of your products or services, you want to push over others. We have people in the agency with very diverse backgrounds, and with our team you’re getting a very sensible and thoughtful approach, you may not get with other agencies. For example, does it make sense pushing a dinosaur-themed kids infographic for a luxury dental clinic purely for the sake of traffic, if it doesn’t actually bring in traffic which actually converts? No it doesn’t, but we’ve had clients come to us after dealing with agencies who thought that was a good idea!

(2) Link building strategies success rate – we monitor this in real-time, day to day. We have multiple people in the team checking things like our reply rates, the link “win rate” we’re getting from specific sectors of website types, as well as the success rate of each tactic. the idea behind this is to understand what the data is saying in terms of the most “linkable audience” for your project. As well as what isn’t working, and where we need to course-correct.

We monitor results in the initial stages, on indicators of positive movements – since link building does take time to take full effect.

How Do We Communicate?

You can message us via email, and we’ll back to you usually within a few hours. If you want to schedule a call, be it on a monthly basis, or less often, this is also fine. Just message me, and we can fit something on the calendar. We will email you at least a couple of times month, especially at the start of a campaign, to keep you updated on how things are going, if we had any strategies in mind we wanted to run past you, or any particularly big wins.

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