We worked with a client based in the US, FaceLiftDentistry.com,  that sold very high-end, cosmetic dental procedures. The goal of this client was to rank for very specific keywords, and to attract a high-net worth audience that would likely inquire about their service. 

While based in the US, the clientele were likely to be global, and would travel to the clinic for the treatments.

In the Dental industry, link building is crucial for attracting new patients and establishing the practice’s credibility. Our approach has consistently focused on creating connections that not only enhance visibility but also underscore the practice’s expertise and trustworthiness.

The dental practice faced 2 main issue before:

  • SEO agencies growing traffic on keywords and pages which had nothing to do with the target audience (non-qualified traffic growth which didn’t increase enquiries)
  • Agencies that could not get any links, or links that just had no audience relevance. 

The main considerations to take when building links for the dental industry:

  • If you are trying to reach very particular users, align with your link building with your overall marketing goals. For this client for instance, we knew we had to reach a higher net worth clientele, so we looked for sectors that aligned with that. Not only for link equity and relevancy purposes, but because being in those publications would add some brand credibility. 
  • When reaching out to other sites in the health sector, it’s important to be medically accurate with your language, and to not make assumptions or blase statements within your outreach emails. It’s important the team doing outreach does so mindfully, and with your brand reputation and credibility in mind.
  • Accuracy is also important when contributing soundbites or writing guest articles, if there is a significant proportion of medical info included. Having a qualified person sign off on articles would be advised, or,  trying to stay away from overly complex medical topics when doing guest posts.
  • Informative blog posts may be conducive to resource link building and may be easier to get links to – so just make sure you have your internal linking structure up to par.

How FaceLiftDentistry Increased Monthly Enquiries by 22% 

The client had previously engaged in various marketing efforts between 2019 – 2020 but did not see the desired results. They needed a focused link-building strategy that could improve their site’s authority and drive more patient inquiries.

 We aimed to develop high-quality links from health, dental-specific, or luxury sites, and leverage guest posting opportunities to highlight their expertise and services.


  • Increase in website visits from 25K to 33K, indicating an improvement in online visibility and potential patient reach.
  • A 22% increase in patient inquiries, demonstrating the effectiveness of the targeted link-building strategy.