This client made most of their revenue from advertising and Amazon affiliate costs.

The website had suffered large traffic loss in 2019 and we were engaged to come in and construct a quality link building campaign to get traffic back up again.

(Under NDA), USA


1. The priority was to gain large volumes of relevant traffic to maximise the effort they made with content development and on-page/technical SEO.

2. Competitive industry and we were going up against some very big players who held top positions for several years.

3. Topics were on the technical side, so our outreach had to really be up to scratch and personalised to be well received by some of the more lucrative targets.

4. First links came in early March and after only 4 months, saw the following increase in organic search traffic.

FEB 2020 VS JUNE 2020

Google Analytics showed traffic went from 122,000 in February, to over 199,000 in the month of June.

Google Search Console screenshot above reflects a similar pattern, with impressions and clicks all going up.


122,000 in the month of February 2020


199,000 in the month of June 2020