“After downsizing my in-house team, I needed to hire an expert who could give the site a boost and come up with an effective strategy. After finding Amit, he seemed the natural choice. A simple approach that had a massive impact on the site’s traffic! – and even more importantly, stayed there!”

Chris Conway, Former MD, Accounts And Legal

Company name, Location


1. Small campaign where we built 10 links.

2. It was a very competitive industry and based in a major city (London) – so as you can imagine, a lot of people with large budgets trying to grab their share of the traffic.

3. I was also restricted with regards to content – this client only wanted guest posts and couldn’t dedicate a lot of time/resources to creating content or getting it made.

4. As such, I could have got much more links if I had the freedom to have the content commissioned that we really needed.

5. However, these 10 links proved to pretty powerful and gave a good boost to the sites traffic.


So I ended around mid December and as you can clearly see from the graph, traffic steadily increased and seemed to skyrocket around January/February and increasing to just shy of 8,000

(Note: this is all Google UK Traffic only)

Here’s a Semrush graph detailing how their rankings jumped after my month of building links:


Ranked in the top 3 for 42 keywords (already very good)


Steadily increased until they ranked in the top 3 for 84 keywords