This is a well-known service in the US and Canada that ships certain types of food (cannot share who it is due to NDAs.)

This company was doing well on the organic SEO front, but still had some reliance on Adwords and other paid advertising methods.



1. Needed to ramp up link building in order to keep up with the competition. And to reduce reliance on paid traffic.

2. Paying influencers all the time to promote was becoming expensive - had to find other ways of getting links/traffic.

3. We started in April 2020, and this is still an ongoing client. So we have built up 150 links (and counting) at the time of writing this.

4. Managed to score links on major news publications like the Kitchn, Associated Press, Business Insider and even MIT along the way.

APRIL 2020 – APRIL 2021 VS APRIL 2019 - END OF MARCH 2020

If we look at it in the context of traffic & revenue over an entire year period.

I.e. April 2020 – April 2021 (an entire year where we have been building links)

VS April 2019 – end of March 2020 (before we started)

We see a 73% increase in organic search traffic, and a 170% increase in revenue. Not only did rankings go up, but we ranked for keywords with higher intent.


73,000 visitors and $41,000 in revenue in March 2020.


82,000 visitors and $68,000 in revenue in June 2021.