This was a firm based in the Middle East dealing with HNW and UHW clients with a very specific investment product.

Very niche and high end service operating only in the MENA region - so we had to be very specific with who we reached out to and it required a very professional approach to outreach.

Silly jokes and immature memes (no matter how much they work in other niches) was not going to work for some of the targets we wanted!



1. We performed a campaign which lasted 3 months in total - which was interrupted at a couple of points by a period of the site being moved from ASPX to WordPress and some minor on-page and technical SEO work being done - this delayed the effect of our links.

2. But, once everything was moved over, we quickly saw the results of that link equity take effect, as you can see from the traffic and ranking skyrocketing here.

3. Managed to secure 30+ links, with the vast majority being relevant to the Middle East region,  and we even secured a feature/brand mention on (one of the MENA region’s most prestigious business and financial news sites)

4. One client to this firm could mean a minimum of $100,000+ in revenue.


So for extra context here, we did link building for around 3-4 months in total, but it was split into 3 time periods due to the client having 2 significant overhauls of their website and us stopping the campaign each time. But, you can see the effect above once that link equity did kick in.

They also did not need a lot of traffic. The terms they did need to rank for, were generally long-tail keywords or terms with low search volume – but high buying intent.

E.g. Their top industry term in the UAE, has only 1,600 search volume – this was the key to unlocking very high intent traffic – and dominating this term could mean multiple 7 to 8 figure amounts of revenue on a consistent basis. (Screenshot above showed them breaking into position 9.)


Almost zero search presence and no keywords on 1st page.


734 visits a month (reality was probably higher than this), and top 10 rankings for 67 keywords.