How the Links Guy link building service works


We have a link building technique which gets results. And we’re not afraid to explain it in a way that’s easy for everyone to understand.

First of all, one bit of jargon – we’re a white hat link building agency. That means that everything we do is in line with industry standards. Using us means you won’t end up blacklisted and penalised by search engines for using shady practices. Believe us, it can happen. This is the Links Guy approach to link building services – what makes us different and what makes us the best. We don’t’ just build links – we analyse everything to ensure that the links we build are actually making a difference to your web traffic and search rankings.


We don’t do one-size-fits-all.
Our starting point is always what makes your business unique –

· Who is visiting your website?

· How do they get there?
· Why are they choosing you?
· What search terms are your customers using?
· Which keywords work for you?

Are you making the best use of anchor text ratio, the clickable words used to link one web page to another which can have a huge impact on your search engine ranking.


Sounds simple doesn’t it?

But the key to a good link building service is creating content people want to read, share and link to. The key to doing that is making it good!

Sometimes it’s a case of making the best of content you already have. Sometimes it’s helping you use your expert knowledge of your industry to develop amazing content. Sometimes it’s working with our trusted writers to create the content you need.

But content is king – something a lot of our competitors seem
to forget.


We are an outreach-based links building agency

What that means is we identify the influencers and leading outlets who are most interested in businesses like yours and build long-term relationships with them.

When we have that relationship we nurture and maintain it to make sure you get link building service and brings customers to your company – and keeps them coming.


With The Links Guy you get access to a live project tracker which lets you see in real-time exactly what work is done on your behalf.

Here are more details about the strategies we deploy:

Journalist Outreach

Sometimes HARO isn’t enough to get links on big publications. If you have a good newsworthy angle or the right piece of content, we can proactively contact the right journalists, and get you featured or quoted on an upcoming article.


This is a platform used by journalists at top tier sites like Forbes, Fast Company, as well as medium-sized sites, seeking expert insight for their stories.

Unlinked Brand Mentions

Often if a company is being mentioned naturally on articles, you will get a brand mention, but won’t have a link. You can sometimes reach out and try and turn this into a link. We’ve been able to do this on sites as big as and LadBible.

Roundup Links

A link roundup is when a website publishes a collection of other tools, sites or resources that its audience may find of interest. Companies in your industry may be listed on pages such as these.

Guest Posts

Useful when you don’t have a lot of usable content. I’ll find site owners in your industry (or related industries) that allow content from guest writers. It’s a win-win as they will receive an amazing article and we’ll get a contextual, relevant link.

Resources Pages

These are pages that act as a curated list of content, organizations, etc. that are relevant to their audience.

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