Here’s an example where we built over 450 links for a client in the eCommerce Industry, and the results we saw in less than 36 months. 

Link building is crucial for eCommerce businesses that want to reduce their reliance on paid traffic, and to enhance their organic reach. Our work with Lobster Anywhere exemplifies how targeted link building can drive substantial results, transforming an eCommerce strategy from heavily paid promotions to organic and sustainable growth.

What we have learnt by creating 450+ links in the eCommerce industry:

  • Through our ongoing efforts since April 2020, we have learned that combining guest posts with high-authority PR links not only boosts visibility but also significantly enhances domain authority
  •  These efforts need to be niche-relevant and align well with industry standards to ensure maximum impact.

How Lobster Anywhere went from $608k to $1.22 million in annual revenue

Lobster Anywhere specializes in delivering fresh lobster and seafood across the nation, a niche offering that demands exceptional marketing strategies to match its premium product line.

Why the client approached us:

Initially reliant on paid influencer marketing and on paid campaigns, Lobster Anywhere needed a more cost-effective and sustainable method to improve their visibility and drive sales. The goal was to lessen their dependence on paid traffic by leveraging organic channels.

The strategy we planned for the client:

Our comprehensive link-building strategy focused on reducing paid promotion expenses while increasing organic reach. We emphasized guest posting, accounting for at least 50% of our efforts, alongside also securing high-value links from prestigious publications like Kitchn, Associated Press, Business Insider, and MIT.

The specifics on building links for the client:

  • Developed and executed a robust guest posting strategy with a focus on niche relevance and audience-centric relevance.
  • Scored high-profile links from major news publications – with techniques like HARO link building – enhancing credibility and visibility.
  • Built up a portfolio of 450+ links, with efforts still ongoing, demonstrating our commitment and continuous impact.

Note: outside of this, the client had a site redesign, a lot of technical & on-page SEO work, as well as pruning content, and content refreshes. Traffic numbers fluctuated throughout this time. However, success reflected in revenue growth, which showed the brand started to rank for the right term and was bringing in more qualified traffic. 


  • Annual revenue growth: Increase from $608k to $1.22 million, marking a doubling of revenue.
  • Traffic in 2023 actually decreased when compared to 2019 – however, as explained, we were bringing in more qualified traffic and this meant the traffic we were getting and the terms we were ranking for were more conducive to revenue.
  • Now in 2024, we want to continue building on the results, with a typical month being shown below.

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