Another early case study, where we ran a campaign for a client in the IT and cybersecurity space and built 11 links.

Establishing authority is as crucial as the technical excellence of the products offered in this niche. Malwarefox, with its anti-malware product MalwareFox, faced the challenge of standing out against larger competitors. Our brief yet impactful link-building campaign was geared towards achieving quick wins and enhancing their market presence by giving their authority a boost.

What we have learnt by creating links in the IT and Cybersecurity industry:

Our engagement with Malwarefox reinforced the importance of strategic, high-quality link acquisitions in rapidly advancing industries like cybersecurity. Even a limited number of well-placed links can significantly bolster a site’s authority and improve its positioning for both long-tail and competitive keywords.

How Malwarefox secured a strong market position

Malwarefox is based in India and offers a robust anti-malware solution designed to protect users from various online threats. Despite having strong on-page SEO and compelling content, Malwarefox needed to enhance their off-page SEO to improve their visibility and reach.

Why the client approached us:

Malwarefox aimed to build more authority to compete effectively in the cybersecurity market, focusing on achieving quick wins through enhanced rankings for long-tail keywords.

The strategy we planned for the client:

Recognizing the need for authoritative backlinks, our strategy centered on securing high-quality links from relevant IT and cybersecurity platforms, or sites with a crossover audience. This approach was intended to quickly elevate Malwarefox’s profile and support their excellent on-page efforts.

The number of things we did for building links for the client:

  • Conducted a focused link-building campaign that resulted in 11 high-quality links within a couple of months.
  • Targeted specific, authoritative domains within the IT and cybersecurity fields to maximize the impact of each link. We even got a link on a website owned by the National Cybersecurity Alliance, which is a cybersecurity awareness nonprofit.


  • Website Traffic: Increased from 3,000 to 5,700 visits, marking an 89% growth in website traffic.
  • Keyword Performance: Dramatic improvement in SEO performance, with keyword rankings rising from 21 in the top 3 to 350 in the top 3, significantly broadening their digital footprint.

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