We worked with a Silicon Valley based startup in the child education space. They had already been doing PR for a while, some content marketing, and had earned links naturally. But, they were not ranking where they would have liked, for certain keyword groups. 

We worked on link building from a period of around June 2020 to March 2021, and built a fairly small number of links (around 55).

Link building within the Edtech sector requires a nuanced approach that not only focuses on the competitive nature of educational keywords but also on establishing authority and trust within a community looking for reliable educational resources. Our journey through creating links in the Edtech niche has taught us the value of leveraging educational content to build meaningful connections and improve search engine visibility.

With the EdTech space:

  • You may find you are competing against larger players in that education space (such as university and schools), so you will have to be strategic about what you compete with them on, and have higher “topical authority” in those parts.
  • Building links on curated resource pages can work well, if you have particularly informative content aimed at those audiences.
  • We found success getting links in nonprofits and organizations that had child education as one of their core objectives, but it required a very high touch, personalized approach.
  • Guest posting on sites related to homeschooling and the education news sector, also worked. 
  • Local government was also a source of a few, very authoritative links as well. Great for brand credibility as well.

How this Client in Education Niche went from 430 to 881 Signups 

This Edtech client, preferring to remain anonymous, came to us with a wealth of educational content and linkable assets that were not being fully utilized to their advantage. The challenge was to transform this existing content into a powerful tool for improving their online presence and attracting more signups.

The client recognized the need to more effectively leverage their rich educational content and linkable assets to boost their online visibility. Despite having valuable resources, they were unable to maximize their potential in attracting and engaging their target audience.

Our strategy centered on identifying and enhancing existing content, building high-quality educational resource links/resource page links, and engaging in targeted outreach that aligns with the Edtech industry’s values and audience needs.

We embarked on a comprehensive plan to develop resourceful educational links, and pursue guest posting opportunities with a focus on niche relevance.


  • Increase in signups from 430 to 881, demonstrating the effectiveness of our link-building strategy in engaging and converting the target audience.
  • Enhanced visibility and positioning within the Edtech space, contributing to a more robust online presence.