This outlines an early case study for TLG, where we built 50 links for a client in the funeral services industry –

Link building for the funeral services industry requires a sensitive and ethical approach, given the nature of the services provided. Our campaign for Funeral Services Guide focused on leveraging the site’s rich content to establish connections with relevant, high-quality sources, all within the realms of white-hat SEO practices.

What we have learnt by creating links in the Funeral Services industry:

The three-month campaign taught us the value of targeted, relevant link building in an industry where trust and credibility are paramount. By focusing exclusively on white-hat methods and relevant content, we ensured that each link served to enhance the authority and reach of the Funeral Services Guide without relying on paid traffic or aggressive marketing tactics.

How Funeral Services Guide expanded its digital reach

Funeral Services Guide is known for its comprehensive and respectful coverage of funeral-related services, offering visitors valuable information during difficult times. The site’s content-rich nature made it a prime candidate for a campaign focused on enhancing organic reach through strategic link building.

Why the client approached us:

With minimal paid and social media traffic, Funeral Services Guide needed to increase its visibility and user engagement through organic channels. The goal was to drive meaningful traffic to the site, thus increasing its usefulness to individuals seeking funeral-related information.

The strategy we planned for the client:

Our strategy centered on enhancing the site’s visibility by creating 50 high-quality, relevant links over a three-month period. We focused on sites that would respect and align with the delicate nature of funeral services, ensuring all links were ethically sourced and beneficial.

The number of things we did for building links for the client:

  • Conducted a white-hat link-building campaign, securing 50 new links, with campaigns built around niche audiences or crossover sectors. Resource page outreach was a useful tactic here.
  • Guest posting was also utilized as well – we made sure to write guest articles which served the needs of the target website, and were likely to be published.
  • The client avoided paid traffic strategies, focusing instead on enhancing organic search performance with good quality content and links.


  • Website Traffic: Increased from 891 visits to 2,721, marking a 206% rise in website traffic.
  • New Users: Saw a 205% increase in new users, significantly broadening the site’s audience and reach.

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