We partnered up with a client in the IT and telecoms space – yielding a modest 55 high quality links, during the course of our link building campaign.

Link building within the IT sector, especially for companies like Lightyear that deal with highly technical and specialized products such as data centers and network products –  requires a finely tuned approach. The intricacies of such topics demand not only precision in targeting but also creativity in outreach strategy to engage relevant industry publications and related niches.

What we have learnt by creating links in the IT industry:

Our campaign for Lightyear underscored the importance of adaptability and innovative outreach strategies in the face of industry constraints. By navigating the challenges of a restricted site pool, we honed our ability to identify and leverage opportunities within and adjacent to the IT sphere, such as cybersecurity and datacenter management.

How Lightyear dramatically increased their digital footprint

Lightyear was a type of IaaS/SaaS platform, that provided sophisticated data centers and specific network products –  a niche within the broader IT industry.

Why the client approached us:

Lightyear needed to amplify their online organic presence despite the narrow scope of potential publications due to the technical nature of their products. They aimed to enhance their visibility to a targeted audience by connecting with highly relevant industry and shoulder niche publications, or businesses that had some audience crossover.

At the same time, the client was publishing blog content on their own site, and we had to support that content growth with carefully selected links.

The strategy we planned for the client:

Given the limited number of suitable sites, our strategy involved a creative outreach process, targeting very specific industry publications related to IT, cybersecurity, and data center management. This approach ensured that every link obtained was not only of high relevance but also of high authority.

The number of things we did for building links for the client:

  • Developed a targeted list of industry-specific and shoulder niche publications.
  • Engaged in specialized outreach that emphasized the unique aspects of Lightyear’s offerings and leveraged the expertise of their leadership team.
  • Built a portfolio of strategically placed content that enhanced Lightyear’s authority and relevance in its field.


  • Website Traffic: Spectacular increase from 192 visits to over 1,900 marking an 896% rise in website traffic.
  • Keyword Ranking: Achieved top 10 rankings for 119 keywords, with monthly traffic increasing to over $3,500.
  • Results still continued to compound into the rest of 2021 despite the campaigns being finished, and traffic reached an estimated ~3,000 visitors a month towards the latter part of the year.

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