Global Freight Solutions ( is one such company in the Supply Chain & Logistics industry that we have worked with – building over 80 links for.

With the supply chain and logistics sector, link building requires a targeted approach that focuses not just on volume, but on the relevance and quality of each link. Our work with GFS was honed to cater to the unique needs of the logistics sector – emphasizing industry-relevant publications, some digital PR tactics and having deep understanding of the target audience – which helped to drive direct traffic and brand awareness, even in the absence of a fully optimized website.

What we have learnt by creating links in the logistics industry:

We learned that substantial industry-specific progress, especially in logistics, can sometimes be incremental and heavily dependent on other simultaneous developments, such as website upgrades and comprehensive SEO strategies.

How Global Freight Solutions enhanced their market presence

Global Freight Solutions specializes in providing comprehensive logistics services, including order handling and shipment tracking. Their business is pivotal in connecting retailers and ecommerce platforms with reliable logistics solutions.

Why the client approached us:

They had future plans for the redesign, and launch of a new website and needed to boost their market presence in the interim, and get some high quality links, to give them a good base of authority. They wanted to increase direct traffic, enhance brand awareness, and garner more business inquiries through focused link building and digital PR.

The strategy we planned for the client:

Our approach centered on leveraging industry-relevant publications to gain immediate traction in terms of brand visibility and direct inquiries. While aware that organic search traffic improvements would be limited until the new website launch, our interim strategy was to build a strong foundation of authoritative links.

The number of things we did for building links for the client:

  • Concentrated on digital PR and securing placements in top logistics publications.
  • Managed expectations and monitored traffic, carefully distinguishing between genuine business inquiries and portal traffic, which was not indicative of our target audience.


  • Business Inquiries: Increase from 14 to 27 inquiries, demonstrating a 93% rise, indicating heightened business interest and potential for significant contracts.
  • Organic Traffic: Despite the ongoing website redevelopment, we achieved a 73% increase in organic search traffic, setting the stage for further gains once the site enhancements are completed.
  • From May 2020 to end of Feb 2021, the site accumulated 214 enquiries – just from organic search, direct and referral traffic alone.

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