We worked with Qwilr from about Feb 2019, to Feb 2020 for 1 year, and built 150 links. 

In the SaaS industry, link building requires highlighting the product’s innovation and reliability. Our work with SaaS clients has taught us the importance of targeting platforms that can showcase these elements effectively.

When building links in the SaaS industry:

  • You’ll often be in a very competitive industry, so you’ll need the link volume, when you need significant movement on your most commercial terms/pages.
  • Roundups can be a good source of links, and usually because you have competition, this can help seed some of your prospecting lists.
  • Competitor analysis will really help you create even more strategy ideas.
  • When building links to commercial pages, you may also need to work in some guest post strategy. Non-competing B2B SaaS sites will be your friend here – but then you’ll need to coordinate ABC link exchanges. 
  • For this client, we were also able to do resource page link building, as the commercial page itself was also a proposal software template – so it had some value to audiences. 
  • Because of the competition level, you often have to be creative with your outreach to stand out, or really lead with some sort of upfront value. So quirky or humorous subject lines can help increase reply rates.

How Qwilr went from just 74 to 678 Signups 

Qwilr approached us with the goal of improving their online presence and search engine rankings to drive more targeted traffic and conversions.

Qwilr was looking to increase organic search traffic and improve conversion rates. They wanted to leverage their document automation features to attract more qualified leads.

We leveraged Qwilr’s unique value propositions, focusing on creating compelling content for guest posts and resource pages. Our goal was to build high-quality links that would not only improve search rankings but also highlight Qwilr’s innovative solutions.

Our approach included optimizing Qwilr’s content, securing guest posting opportunities on reputable platforms, and creating resource links that emphasized their technological strengths.


  • 21% increase in organic search traffic and a 7% increase in conversion rates, indicating more targeted and effective visitor engagement.
  • 74% increase in referral traffic.
  • 74 signups to 678 signups
  • Increase from 15K organic traffic to 18K