Building links are a crucial aspect of SEO, and can significantly impact your website’s rankings, authority, and trustworthiness in search engines.

However, for it to have a positive effect, you have to focus on consistently building high-quality, relevant links. This is the most challenging part of the entire process because many people lack technical SEO knowledge.

As a result, business owners hire a professional monthly link building service for the task. Still, it’s important to check for agencies that take pride in acquiring white hat links over those that bring in low-quality links through spammy strategies.

This article explains the factors of ethical, quality-focused link building services and how to choose the best one for your website.

Benefits of Monthly Link Building Services

When you choose a link building agency that offers a high-quality service, there’s no room for doubt that you’ll receive many perks, some of which include faster results, consistent link flow, and having time to prioritize other company tasks. In contrast, the agency handles your website’s backlink profile.

These are some major benefits you can expect from a monthly link building service:

Scalability and Consistency 

Monthly link building services offer scalable packages that allow them to send sizable amounts of outreach emails in a day, which makes it possible to acquire a decent number of links without going through the hassle yourself.

Similarly, these agencies have an established network of content-publishing websites, which means you don’t have to stress about hitting your monthly goals because their connection to these sites will ensure a consistent flow of links to your website.

Expertise and Efficiency

Building links is no walk in the park; it requires years of experience to understand the complexities of acquiring links while also staying updated about constant algorithm changes. That’s why choosing a monthly link building service for your website introduces you to seasoned professionals who know what works best.

A reputable agency will ensure that you receive high-quality links through white-hat techniques. This will improve your SEO and search rankings in your niche and, eventually, your organic search traffic. With these powerful links, you won’t have to worry about a Google penalty.

Strategic Planning and Reporting

Every business has distinctive requirements and goals; a good agency understands that. They will create a custom link building campaign for your website by strategically planning what will work for your brand and how to meet your specific needs.

Similarly, acquiring links from specific target URLs is not the end of the process. A good agency will regularly track and monitor these links to understand their impact and ensure they stay active. 

They practice transparency and consistently update their clients about progress by sharing data-driven reports, allowing for informed decisions about link-building strategies.


Outsourcing to a monthly link-building service is considerably cheaper than establishing in-house link-building operations. If you’re building links reasonably, these operations could cost you between $14,000 and $20,000 monthly. In contrast, an agency charges an average of $3,500 to $5,000 per month for basic link-building packages and around $5,000 – $10,000 for premium link-building packages.

These costs include software subscription plans, infrastructure to set up a team, staffing costs, and establishing an in-house team means you would have to fork out for that infrastructure. With agencies, they have multiple clients, a fully managed link building team, and purchased tools they can use for multiple projects, allowing them to be much cheaper than setting up a team from scratch.

6 Factors to Consider When Choosing Monthly Link Building Service Provider

Every link building service is different; some are more effective, affordable, and reliable than others. For someone lacking technical knowledge, discerning a good agency from a bad one might seem challenging.

To help you with that, here are six important factors to look out for when choosing a link building service:

High-Quality Backlinks

The first and most important thing you should ask a link-building agency is whether they use white hat techniques. Organic link-building practices are crucial to ensure high-quality links that improve search engine rankings, and future-proof your site from algorithm updates as much as possible.

High-quality backlinks are identified by the relevance of their placement and the quality of the referring website. This means the backlink should come from a reputable site with good organic traffic, industry-relevant content, and a low spam score.

Even a small website with a lower DA/DR can be more genuine than a seemingly “high-authority” one since manipulative tactics can be used to inflate metrics. Watch out for these factors and discuss them with your service provider.


The link building industry follows various practices that change based on clients’ requirements and goals, so it is important to set a budget and understand how much you can afford to spend on building links. To get a better picture, browse through different agencies and compare their monthly link-building packages to see what suits your budget and if it’s worth the expenditure.

Remember that some agencies may charge per link, per hour, or even have a fixed monthly rate. Some SEO agencies offering link building services may include additional services such as on-page optimization, content creation, keyword research, etc., which can also affect the pricing. Some offer discounts on long-term contracts or build orders, so it’s really about finding which offers the best value for your money.

Link Building Strategy

Devising link building strategies that work goes beyond the target site authority, Google ranking factors, organic traffic, etc. It requires the agency to understand your brand and tailor a strategy that addresses your specific website needs and goals, i.e., industry focus, increasing referral or organic traffic, promoting key pages, and more.

Apart from quality control and how many contextual links you receive, you can also discuss ways to get a competitive edge over other websites in your niche; this involves determining your link velocity, targeting moderate-ranking keywords, and creating content that not only appeals to, but attracts your target audience.

Knowing link builders’ techniques is important because you want to avoid black hat links that put you at risk of a penalty, or at the very least, just don’t have any impact at all and is a waste of money.

For example, using guest posting, broken links, resource pages, interviews, etc., are safe and reliable ways to ensure high-quality links. However, some agencies use private blog networks, syndicated content links, link farms, etc., all of which only bring you one thing in the long run: bad results.

Reporting and Transparency

Establish good communication with the agency you choose. That includes asking them important questions, gauging their responsiveness to your queries, and checking whether they’re transparent with their clients about the link building process, progress, or challenges pertaining to the link building campaign.

The agency should offer regular updates through reports and analytics showcasing results. This also means they must provide you with crucial details about relevant websites and their metrics, industries to reach out to, anchor text usage, and any changes they think would be better to implement or test apart from the ongoing methods. High-end agencies offer such insights through comprehensive client dashboards that allow you to do regular progress check-ins.

Ability To Scale and Flexibility

While a small agency can help you receive high-quality backlinks, they might not be able to bring in large numbers as and when you wish to scale up. So, if you’re considering long-term, choose a monthly link building service that has the capacity to grow with your expectations and website goals. This way, you won’t have to shuffle among link building agencies.

With scaling up also come certain changes and different goals, which means you may want to shift strategies to focus on other link-building areas. The agency must be flexible by quickly adapting and understanding your requirements to develop link-building campaigns that align with your website’s objectives.

At TLG, we have a dynamic team specializing in link building areas, from understanding your company to creating customized strategies that consistently build your backlink profile. With our track record, we’ve become one of the best link building services out there.

Reputation and Reviews

One of the first things you should do is evaluate the link building service provider’s track record to gauge their experience and reputation. Look for agencies with a history of delivering high-quality backlinks by checking their online reputation and reviews from previous clients. This will give you an idea of the niches they’ve worked with and gauge their trustworthiness.

Similarly, look for testimonials, ratings, awards and accolades, certifications, podcasts and interviews, etc., on the link building agency website or social media platforms like LinkedIn. 

Make sure the agency has some history and a presence online – as an agency that has popped up out of nowhere recently may not have the stability you’re looking for in a long term partner.

Read about their team members and their qualifications in specific areas like outreach, content creation, backlink analytics. You can also go a step ahead and ask for referrals from their current or previous clients so you have a clear image of what you’re getting into.

Portfolio and Samples

Before finalizing a link-building service, ask for samples of their previous work or success stories. Look at their portfolio to understand the type of websites they worked with, the content they created, the quality of the links, and the results they drove to the client’s websites.

Ask for case studies or reports that show real-time examples of successful results and the process used to achieve them. This will show you the agency’s capabilities and capacity and offer verifiable insight into client satisfaction.

3 Important Red Flags to Avoid

SEO is complex by nature, and with the constant changes in algorithms and best practices, plus the workload, it’s no surprise that you need external help.

However, there’s a minefield of link builders out there, and just like any other industry, there are those who use shady tactics instead of ethical ones, bringing in low-quality links that put you in the firing line of Google’s next update.

To avoid their dishonesty from ruining your website’s reputation, watch out for these red flags before working with a monthly link building service:

Unrealistic Guaranteed Results

While everyone loves to hear about guaranteed results, it’s crucial to understand that becoming your niche’s number-one ranking site is no easy feat.

A link building service that guarantees specific rankings straight out of the door is simply unrealistic and most definitely a major red flag. Competing with top-ranking websites requires more than just link-building efforts; you must also ensure your website is well-optimized.

Plus, it requires months of consistent hard work from conducting audits, analyzing data, developing strategies, refining and rebuilding website elements, creating high-quality content or discarding underperforming ones, and much more.

If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. So, if an agency promises to have your website go up the ranks within no time, that should be a clear warning sign to steer away.

Black Hat Tactics

As mentioned above, the link building industry is no stranger to unethical, black-hat methods that seem fine on the outside. Upon closer inspection of these tactics, you’ll find that they acquire poor-quality links that hamper your website’s credibility and search engine rankings.

Some common scams involve PBNs; these are manipulative website networks created to build links for other websites. 

Buying links on directories or posting spammy comments on a blog post or forum will also be flagged by search engines. While they won’t necessarily harm your site, they have almost zero positive impact and are not worth the cost. 

Similarly, link farms are also harmful because these seemingly normal websites are created to sell links and usually have random topics, which is a huge negative factor, according to Google. Some identifiers of poor “link farm” websites are unrelated or low-quality content, excessive outbound links, unnaturally high authority, lack of social media presence, minimal user engagement, and multiple websites with similar designs.

When discussing with the service provider, ask questions about their link building techniques. If you spot any of these signs, it’s a no-go.

Lack of Transparency

Since SEO can be complicated for someone who lacks technical knowledge, some link builders may avoid providing regular reports and expect you to take their word for it; this is unacceptable and a sign that someone is not right.

Transparency is a non-negotiable factor in maintaining a healthy relationship between a business and its link-building agency. Collaboration is key, and since you know what you want for your website, your input in the link building process matters greatly.

If an agency doesn’t follow transparent practices, provide detailed reports, keep you updated from strategy creation to execution, and give excuses, it’s not worth your money. This is even more true because there is software to generate shareable reports with clients so they can see their website’s progress and make informed decisions based on the data.

Why Choose The Links Guy As Your Monthly Link Building Service?

Fortunately, if you’ve stumbled upon TLG’s services, you’re already a step closer to a leading agency in the link building industry with a proven track record of happy clients.

We’re committed to using ethical, white-hat techniques that leave a positive impact, and transparency is one of our top priorities. Our strategies revolve around what our clients want, and we even use manual link building methods to achieve the desired results.

We believe in building long-lasting relationships with our clients to understand their business and brand with a better perspective, which allows us to take a personalized approach and create strategic campaigns that fulfill all their requirements.

If you’re ready to test out the benefits of white-hat link building services, contact our experts to explore how you can improve your website’s online presence.