We worked with Hunting Locator, which was a very niche segment of the real estate sector. It is aimed at the hunting sector – helping enthusiasts lease and buy hunting land. Some of this land is fairly expensive, with some properties valued at 7 to 8 figures.

In general, link building in the Real Estate industry is pivotal for standing out in a market saturated with listings and agents. Our experience has highlighted the importance of establishing local authority and trust to enhance visibility and drive inquiries for properties.

In the real estate industry:

  • You are dealing with a fairly competitive and commercial sector, so some agencies would say this makes it particularly difficult, or that you should be buying links. This isn’t necessarily true and it just means using the right tactics, and knowing who to reach out to. 
  • You can analyze competitors, but if you only look at your local area you may not find a lot of opportunities, so always look at your regional competitors, or even national-level companies, to get more insights and strategy ideas.
  • What other sectors are relevant and could you also reach out to? If you’re not an actual real estate agent, is that a group you can reach out to? Maybe moving & storage companies, the home improvement sector, or if there;s a B2B angle, then maybe the business sector or business finance sector. This helps expand the pool of ideas.
  • Be careful with resource link strategies. If you don’t use the right prospecting methods, you may just scrape a lot of competitors. So either filter those URLs out, or change the angle, so you’re not getting a lot of competitors in your searches.

How Hunting Locator went from a 40% Surge in Business Enquiries and a 32% Increase in Revenue

Our strategy encompassed building backlinks to Hunting Locator – particularly with the hunting or crossover communities through strategic guest posts.

Hunting Locator hadn’t done much active link building, and needed a boost to improve their website’s authority and visibility, and start bringing some revenue in for the long term, without having to rely only on paid ads.

We focused on securing guest posts on relevant platforms, with a particular aim to drive links to a specific page, so we could drive very qualified, commercial traffic.

 They aimed to target specific real estate and hunting-related terms to attract a more focused audience.


  • Increase in business inquiries from 600 to 840, marking a significant improvement in engagement and online visibility.
  • Enhanced positioning for targeted keywords, leading to better search engine rankings and increased traffic from the desired audience.
  • A 32% Increase in Revenue as a result of the target keywords ranking in the Top 5

How NextModular saw a 24% Increase in Monthly Traffic

We also worked with another company in the real estate sector, which was a modular home builder. 

We built 60+ links from December 2022 to July 2023. 

It’s important to note we saw some success, but results were restricted due to the amount of on-page and technical SEO work that had to come in. Our campaign stopped in order to allow investment into a lot of technical SEO work, and updating of existing content. 

But by August 2023, we already saw a growth of around 24%

And better yet, despite there not being much active link building (aside from a press release distribution), the results continued as the website was fixed in other areas. Leading to the growth shown below.