We were hired by a UK-based logistics company, which works with retailers and eCommerce brands, mainly in the UK and European market.



1. There was a particularly heavy focus here on industry-relevant publications, rather than trying to drive traffic through SEO keywords

2. They were also still awaiting delivery of a new website, but in the meantime, wanted to drive some direct traffic/enquiries and brand awareness through link building and digital PR.

3. So, in terms of organic search traffic, we saw some increase in rankings, but did not expect much initial progress – until the website was finished and on-page/technical SEO and keyword targeting brought up to speed.

4. We also did have a lot of traffic that needed to be disregarded, as the company also has a “client portal” which customers used to track their deliveries. However, their Analytics counted portal traffic so this added further inaccuracy to the data.

5. Any enquiry that came in, could be a retailer/ecommerce company looking for a logistics company to handle all of their orders - so one enquiry could potentially lead to a very large annual contract. 

MAY 2020 TO FEB 2021

We can see Organic Search + Direct + Referral traffic brought in 194 enquiries in a 10 month period

We built very valuable relationships with key people at 50 industry-relevant companies and publications in the eCommerce, logistics, retail & warehousing sectors- higher likelihood of driving referral traffic that could potentially convert.


14 enquiries in month of June 2020.


Even after stopping link building in Feb 2021, still brought in 27 enquiries in June 2021.