A company based in the US that offers eCommerce delivery services. (I.e. handling deliveries across the country for retailers and ecommerce businesses.

A very tech-focused firm that understood link building and had already been producing a lot of content, and had a firm doing link building for a while.

However, they had some competitors (one in particular) they wanted to make gains against, and had to start scaling up their link building and get links from new domains with a more white hat approach, and do it consistently each and every month. That's where we came in.



1. Client initially had a lot of content however, much of it needed improvement. 

2. The content we could work with, we aimed to build resource links/resource pages. 

3. But we relied on guest posts for at least 50% of the time - still with a heavy focus on it being niche relevant/having industry crossover. 

4. Once the content had been improved we started to rely more heavily on resource links. 

5. We had been building links from October 2019 onwards, with the last link going live in mid-December. At least 150 links were built in total. 

OCT 2019 TO DEC 2020

Starting off the campaign in Oct 2019 with Ahrefs showing up just over 2,100 visits a month.

We see by end of December 2020 traffic hitting over 30,000 visits a month.

The third image is a Google Analytics report showing the total amount of traffic we gained in the period March-August 2020 (well into our campaign) vs March-August 2019 (before we started). Showing traffic almost doubled when you compare the 2.

The fourth image shows some huge terms they ranked for by the end of our campaign. (Not even the main focus of our efforts but gives you an idea of how much impact we had)

Results continued to compound even going into 2021.


3,000 visits a month and ranked in top 3 for 64 keywords at start of Oct 2019.


Over 33,000 visits a month, and ranked top 3 for 250 keywords by end of Dec 2020.